This is where Rabbath started in 2012. Our artisan boutique coffee we roast locally in our factory in Leda Drive, Burleigh Heads.


Coffee is usually an opportunity for most restaurants to up-sell. An afterthought, if you will.

At Rabbath, we believe coffee should be a centrepiece at the bistro. Whether you like our traditional Lebanese-style coffee from our old-World copper 'finjan', or from our modern La Marzocco barista espresso, you are guaranteed a coffee taste that is unparalleled in experience and emotion.



Thanks to our proprietary and very guarded secret of infusing coffee beans with nuts and spices, we are able to offer you our L'Amour d'Espresso Martini. With such a rich head of 'crema' the cocktail deserves a kingly glass to pour it in!


An Ambiance of Warmth and Love

There is nothing quite like the aromas of freshly roasted, freshly brewed, Rabbath coffee. The position of the barista espresso machine at the bistro is critical to create the right ambiance for the ultimate Lebanese eating experience.

History of Our Coffee Discovery

Our mission to create a coffee that tastes as good as it smells began in 2012.

Beginning with the home-based electric coffee roaster, to being professional trained by Daterra Estate's master coffee roaster in Brazil, our experience in coffee adds another dimension to our Lebanese bistro.

Patrick during the early days of coffee trailing.

Patrick in Brazil cupping coffee.

Green coffee beans being sundried.

Coffee cherry varietals as they are picked off the tree

Coffee Roasting Factory

Roasted locally in Leda Drive Burleigh Heads, our coffee roasting facility is state-of-the-art, allowing us to bring you the coffee experience you've grown to love.