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Discover sensual delights in cocktails that are uniquely Rabbath


Wine List

Discover our perfectly paired world-class wine list


Coffee Roasters

Discover more about how and why Rabbath roasts its own coffee

Lebanese Cuisine Menu

Our menu has been structured carefully to give you a range of flavours that are complete and defined, yet subtle and mysterious all at once. We take our time to prepare and cook each meal with love and passion for your enjoyment.

Chef's Selection

Our popular Chef's Selection is designed to give you a complete journey of Lebanese cuisine. You do not have to worry about making the right choices on the menu, simply sit back, relax and enjoy your ride with us.

Wine Pairing w/ Chef's Selection

We have also gone a step further to compliment your experience of our Chef's Selection. Leave your choice of wine or cocktail to us, and just focus your attention on having an amazing time with your loved one.

Our Specialties

These dishes are what make Rabbath unique.


Build on your menu with any of the the following additions. They are all different and express a particular style of passion in cuisine.


The expression "yeh mazmez' in Lebanese means 'to graze'. Our selection of Mazeh is simple but extensive. A Lebanese Chef understands how to balance between four of the most important Lebanese ingredients: garlic, lemon, salt and tahineh. 'Tahineh' is simply the Lebanese name for sesame seed that's been ground into a paste. When Tahineh is mixed with garlic, lemon and salt, it becomes Tarator. When grilled eggplant is added to the mixture, it becomes Babaganouj. When cooked chickpeas are added instead, the mixture becomes Hoummus. These are cornerstone sauces in Lebanese cuisine.

Sweets, Coffee, Tea

A deceptively simple sweets menu epitomises what we are on about. Our signature is the famous Baklawa, made the authentic way (i.e. not too sweet).


Welcome to our unique cocktail list. Each cocktail has its own story and therefore will evoke a different emotion. In Italian culture, the name of a Barista is one who can make cocktails and coffee to the same level of high competency and passion. We have chosen to keep with this tradition, therefore the reason why our barman is not just barista trained, but a master at making cocktails and espresso. Allow him to take you on a journey of sensual delights in a glass that most dare not dream of.

'Sharaab' Non-Alcoholic Handcrafted Drinks

If alcohol is not allowed in your diet, don't feel disadvantaged by just drinking water (although there is nothing wrong with just drinking water). Rather, allow the barman to show off his skills by making you handcrafted softdrinks that in Lebanese we call 'Sharaab'.

Beer & Cider

Beer is one of the oldest drinks humans have produced, evidence suggests that the regions of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt were among the first to discover the fermentation process. We are blessed to have our own local experts in Burleigh and Currumbin who have taken the crafting art of beer making to a whole new level. Our beer has been perfectly paired with our Lebanese food with local craft beer that gives our community great pride in itself. We happen to believe we make some of the World's best beers in our own backyard.

Our Wine List

When conceptualising the essence of Rabbath as a Lebanese bistro, we wanted to ensure our pairing with wines was delightful and unique. We invested in an integrated wine store that is perfectly temperature and humidity controlled in order to enhance your experience of our wines, rather than be subjected to the warmth of the Gold Coast sunny weather.

Vance Palmer is a distinguished Sommelier who partnered with Rabbath as an advisor on our selection of wines. He quickly realised that Lebanese food is predominantly based on green leafy herbs, garlic, lemon and earthy spices. He advised that our wine selection needed to balance our cuisine's 'high tones' with 'low tones' from our choice of wine. This is why you cannot go wrong with your choice of wine at Rabbath. 

We are blessed to have him on our journey when we realised how richly knowledgable and experienced he is. Having been educated as Sommelier in the United Kingdom, he was one of the very few who were mentored by Max Schubert (the creator of Penfold's Worldclass 'The Grange'). Just listening to him educate us on wine, flavour and experience is a delight. He leads our wine appreciation courses at Rabbath we hold here from time-to-time.

Sparkling & Champagne

When enjoyed as an appetiser with warm olives and smoked almonds 'Zeitoun', the marriage is too perfect to ignore.





This French term is widely accepted as an alcoholic drink to aid with digesting food after a meal. It is a traditional practice that lends oneself to taking one's time and not rushing a meal. We have selected our range of after meal drinks to help slow your mind and become more in tune with you sensory organs in order to help you to feel excited to be alive. After all, isn't this what the meaning of life if all about?

Coffee Roasted By Rabbath

This is where Rabbath started in 2012. Our artisan boutique coffee we roast locally in our factory in Leda Drive, Burleigh Heads.

Coffee is a Centrepiece at Rabbath

Coffee is usually an opportunity for most restaurants to up-sell. An afterthought, if you will.

At Rabbath, we believe coffee should be a centrepiece at the bistro. Whether you like our traditional Lebanese-style coffee from our old-World copper 'finjan', or from our modern La Marzocco barista espresso, you are guaranteed a coffee taste that is unparalleled in experience and emotion.


Our Proprietary Method

Thanks to our proprietary and very guarded secret of infusing coffee beans with nuts and spices, we are able to offer you our L'Amour d'Espresso Martini. With such a rich head of 'crema' the cocktail deserves a kingly glass to pour it in!

Our now famour L'Amour d'Espresso Martini

Our now famour L'Amour d'Espresso Martini

Our signature is symbolic of our uniqueness of taste. Photo courtesy of The Weekend Edition.

Our signature is symbolic of our uniqueness of taste. Photo courtesy of The Weekend Edition.

The 'Finjan Ahweh' is central to Lebanese cuisine

The 'Finjan Ahweh' is central to Lebanese cuisine

History of our Coffee Discovery

Our mission to create a coffee that tastes as good as it smells began in 2012.

Beginning with the home-based electric coffee roaster, to being professional trained by Daterra Estate's master coffee roaster in Brazil, our experience in coffee adds another dimension to our Lebanese bistro.

Patrick during the early days of coffee trailing.

Patrick during the early days of coffee trailing.

Patrick in Brazil cupping coffee.

Patrick in Brazil cupping coffee.

Green coffee beans being sundried.

Green coffee beans being sundried.

Coffee cherry varietals as they are picked off the tree.

Coffee cherry varietals as they are picked off the tree.

The Coffee Roasting Factory

Roasted locally in Leda Drive Burleigh Heads, our coffee roasting facility is state-of-the-art, allowing us to bring you the coffee experience you've grown to love.

Roasting coffee, one of the most passionately involving cooking activities in Lebanese cuisine.

Roasting coffee, one of the most passionately involving cooking activities in Lebanese cuisine.

An action photo when the roasted beans are ejected.

An action photo when the roasted beans are ejected.