Our Wine List

When conceptualising the essence of Rabbath as a Lebanese bistro, we wanted to ensure our pairing with wines was delightful and unique. We invested in an integrated wine store that is perfectly temperature and humidity controlled in order to enhance your experience of our wines, rather than be subjected to the warmth of the Gold Coast sunny weather.

Vance Palmer is a distinguished Sommelier who partnered with Rabbath as an advisor on our selection of wines. He quickly realised that Lebanese food is predominantly based on green leafy herbs, garlic, lemon and earthy spices. He advised that our wine selection needed to balance our cuisine's 'high tones' with 'low tones' from our choice of wine. This is why you cannot go wrong with your choice of wine at Rabbath. 

We are blessed to have him on our journey when we realised how richly knowledgable and experienced he is. Having been educated as Sommelier in the United Kingdom, he was one of the very few who were mentored by Max Schubert (the creator of Penfold's Worldclass 'The Grange'). Just listening to him educate us on wine, flavour and experience is a delight. He leads our wine appreciation courses at Rabbath we hold here from time-to-time.

Top Shelf Wines

By the bottle /$140

Classic Wines

By the glass (125ml) / 12

By the bottle / 60


After-dinner digéstif

By the glass (45ml) / 16