Wine Appreciation Course

A huge thank you to all who participated in our first Wine Appreciation Course at Rabbath.

A special thanks to Wine educator, Esther Pryor, will walked guests through their incredible wine journey.

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The menu for the 13th September 2017 course will be left on our website for your reference.

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About Your Wine Educator

Esther Pryor

We are blessed to have the expertise of Esther on our Wine Appreciation Course, who made time with her busy schedule to share her incredible experience of wine and appreciation with you.

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"My discovery of wine & the people who devote their lives to it’s growth, it’s fascinating history, it’s almost limitless varieties, flavours and styles has become one of the great joys of my life.

"To have now been able to spend approx ten years working within this amazing industry of wine, bringing together like no other, makes me smile every day! What other industry brings people from every avenue of life in such a way, and allows them to relax, laugh and enjoy the special ambience that wine adds to food, conversation, music and friendship?   I am always happiest being the conductor in the great orchestral movements of wine events, dinner parties and social engagements.   

"Many people ask me if I have a favourite wine, grape or region and I find it nearly impossible to answer that question. With endless varietals to try, regions and sub-regions to explore and the subtle difference in micro climate from one ridge or valley, I will always be on that endless wine lovers quest to experience the unique and the yet untried!  Inside every bottle is a journey that connects us to the wine maker and their vision, the season that was and the endless vintages that went before.  

"I love nothing more then talking about wine and making wine education enjoyable and meeting new people, like minded people who share the same passion for life, food, wine and music."

Esther Pryor