To whet the appetite

Trip of Dips / A hat-rick of Rabbath’s most popular dips w/ Khoubiz mountain bread (*GF available in comments) / 16

Khoubiz Mountain Bread /2pcs of Rabbath’s unleavened wholemeal Lebanese flat bread (*GF available in comments) / 6



Bifteck Eye Fillet / Tasmanian Cape Grim beef eye fillet in 7-spice w/ Samneh / 29

Costalleta Lamb Cutlets / Herb-crusted Victorian Sovereign Lamb cutlets w/ Samneh / 29

Kibbeh Lamb Bake  / Oven-baked triple-minced lamb leg & burghul w/ Laban / 29

Kashkawan Sheep’s Cheese / Pan-fried in cherry-pit spice w/ olive jam / 29



Tabouleh Salad / Lebanon’s signature parsley-based salad w/ burghul / 12

Fatoush / cos-based salad w/ garlic dressing & croutons / 12

Batata Fries (Full-serve) / our signature triple-cooked chips drizzled w/ Samneh / 12

M’jadara Lentil Risotto / creamy lentils & brown rice w/ beetroot pickles and crispy onions  / 12


Made the authentic way

Baklawa  / with pistachio filling & orange blossom syrup (2pcs) / 12

Bouza Gelato / made with creamy vanilla & Halaweh (a.k.a. Halva) (3scps) / 12

Raha Turkish Delights / Rosewater flavoured Lebanese-style Turkish delights (3pcs) / 12


Allow us to select the most apprpropriate wines for your dinner experience, guided by our Sommelier, Vance Palmer.

35 bottle*

Almaza Pilsner  / Brasserie Almaza, Lebanon

Sparkling / Barona Montaldo Pinot Grigio, Sicily, Italy

Pinot Grigio / Aramis ‘White Label’, Adelaide Hills

Sauvignon Blanc / Love Block, Marlborough, New Zealand

Chardonnay / Aramis ‘Black Label’, Adelaide Hills

Rose / Negroamaro Artigiano, Sicily, Italy

Pinot Noir / ‘Mr Jed’ Payne’s Rise, Yarra Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon / ‘Atticus’ Chapman Grove, Margaret River

Shiraz / ‘The Summit’ Lindsay Collection, Barossa Valley

* Subject to availability. We may recommend alternatives at the same price and quality if a varietal is out of stock.